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Help someone onto the property ladder and earn passive income.

The first Buy to Let platform with a social mission. Realise people's dreams without sacrificing your investment returns.

Happy Family

How it works

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Tell us about your investment criteria

Where you buy, how much for, what yield you are after


We connect you with a tenant

We will match you with a tenant looking for a similar property


Buy the property and hand the keys over

Your tenant will move in as soon as the property is bought


Receive rent and cash

Your tenant will buy a stake in the property and pay rent on the rest


Get bought out over time

Your tenant will buy up more equity over time, until they buy the whole home

Why invest with Pluto

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Find a partner, not a tenant

Help someone buy the property of their dreams and in return you’ll never have to worry about finding a new tenant for that property again.

No more expensive voids.


Lower risks, higher rewards

A Pluto tenant will buy equity in the property as soon as they move in. Use this cash to lower your risks, increase your returns or towards another property.

Say goodbye to difficult tenants.

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Reduce your costs

When you buy a property through Pluto you are only required to help out with the financing. All other costs are the responsibility of the tenant.

Stop worrying about that boiler.


Make ethical investments

You worked hard to earn your money, so invest it how you please. But if you can get higher returns and do good in the world why wouldn’t you?

Landlords aren't evil.

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